Committee Pages

This page is only visible at Committee Level Access. Former members have made it clear that they are unable to do any work for KwinLETS, so as a small team we have to cover the necessary tasks. I have updated the list of committee roles to conform to the current reality: click HERE.

PHONE messages: Ideally we should change the phone number on the footer of each page to one of yours, so that you start taking this on locally, but until I am confident that this is being handled, I will continue to field them.

RESPONDING to CONTACT US messages: Recipients are currently Jonathan, Neblina, Luca, and Mary - normally I would simply monitor these from a log distance. At first I will deal with them and copy you all in, so that you can pick up how to deal with them. As soon as you can, I suggest that you divide them up in the following way, and I will hold back for 24 hours to give you a chance to respond:
INTERNAL (members looking for support) - Neblina
EXTERNAL (individuals looking to join) - Jonathan: If they are not on the membership list, reply something like: Many thanks for your enquiry. Please complete the joining form here: (This string will show as a link in an email message.)
EXTERNAL (more complex, eg organisations looking to collaborate) - Luca
If the message is straightforward I suggest that one of you replies and BCC the others so they know it has been dealt with. If it's not straightforward I suggest that you consult with each other.

Permissions Matrix - This indicates what can be done at each level (may need updating).

Sterling Expense Claim Form (Word Download). Please download, complete, print, attach receipts, and return to the Treasurer at a Core Group meeting or by post. NB at the moment sterling expenses cannot in practice be claimed until we have co-signatories in place and some income coming in, but please keep an account of them.