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This information will be useful once you have joined KwinLETS.

PASSWORD RETRIEVAL If you have forgotten your password,as long as you remember your ID and the email address in the system, if you put this data into this page, it will send you an email message with a new password. Once you get into your account, if you want to change the password to one that you will remember more easily, go straight to My Profile and it's on the menu there - but you will need to include at least one digit - here is the link: Password Reset. However if you don't know your account number or email address, please use the Contact Us form and a member of the admin team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Website Tutorial Core Group Roles - and Contacts

Local Currency Record Sheet (Word Download)
This may be used as a mutual record, to keep track of Shells before they are transacted online, or for Core Group Members when claiming for committee work. For members who are need help with carrying out transactions, it may be used as a form of instruction to a Buddy or the LETS Accountant.

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